We do a lot of different kinds of work at REcharge Labs. The best way to understand what we do is to understand our website:

  • In the Outreach tab, you will find updates on all of our most recent work. Everything from trainings to fun projects we're involved with will be posted here. 
  • Under Academy, you will find information on the REcharge Academy, which has grown to be such a large program that it has its own page! If you are looking for the list of REcharge Instructors who have already attended our REcharge Academy, it is also under the Academy tab.
  • Head to the Challenge tab if you are looking for the brand new suite of Online Challenges. In addition to the Wind Turbine Design competition, we have also launched the MacGyver Windmill Challenge and the Solar House Design Challenge! If you're looking for KidWind Challenge Events, you'll have to head over to the KidWind Challenge website.
  • The Resources tab is home to our awesome Activity Ideas, where you can get FREE ideas for your classroom with our activities. Or, brush up on some background information about renewable energy with our fact-based, multi-source Learn about Renewables page.
  • The Store is self-explanatory! Our catalog of renewable energy science kits are all housed here, along with PDFs of their lesson manuals if you'd prefer to put your own kit together.
  • And finally, if you what to know more about us, head to the About page.