Carolina Bruin Bears

About Our Team

Our team is from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. We are from Ravenscroft School, and are in the 5-8 age category.

Our names are Ryan, Pierce, and Alex. We go to Ravenscroft School in North Carolina, and we are in 7th grade. We are taking the Engineering 1 class and taking on the KidWind Challenge. We used the engineering design process to create, build, and test our turbines. At first we asked about the problem, then imagined possible solutions, then planned how we were going to create the solution, then created and brought our plan to life, next we improved our creation, and finally we communicated and received feedback from others. Designing wind turbines is important because in the near future, all of the fossil fuels and oils we use to power cars, engines, electricity, and just about everything else will run out. Using renewable, efficient, and cheap energy will allow for a cleaner way of producing electricity. With cleaner energy comes a cleaner and healthier environment.

Drivetrain: Geared drive

Generator Used: KidWind Wind Turbine Generator (H0002)

Download Research Statement (.pdf)
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