Using your knowledge of how wind energy works, build a small turbine to produce as much power as possible! Think about the best construction techniques and the most innovative design to make it operate. Entires will be judged based on performance as well as creativity, quality, and demonstrated knowledge. Winners will be announced monthly! Each monthly winner will receive $50 in cash.

Download the rules


You may also find the following links useful:

  • Team info sheet: Use this sheet to fill out the competition fields without filling out the actual online submission form. This is a great way to keep track of multiple trials so that you can submit your best trial to the competition. If you are a teacher submitting for a class, you can have students fill out this form and then submit their answers for them.
  • Wind speed cheat sheet: Not sure what the wind speed of your fan is? Use this cheat sheet to find out the speeds of common household box fans. 
  • Performance Calculator: Use this handy tool to test your device's performance before you submit to the Online Challenge! The electrical output capability will be the most helpful for the Wind Turbine Design Challenge.