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About Our Team

Our team is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. We are from KCTC, and are in the 9-12 age category.

I am a student in design lab at kctc who is interested in this event and thought it could be a good way to exercise my new skills from school and a way to get $50. I have been interested in alternative energy and when I saw we could make a solar house I did.

What were some of the challenges you faced, and how did you solve them? The decoration of the house was difficult and it didn't look like a house. So I made a nice roof for the house and made it look more homier. Also i added a second story in the house to make it less bare. There was really bad visibility into the house so i made a window on the top of the house. Finally the circuity was not good so I soldered it and covered the connections with electrical tape.

What were your design goals? Tell us about the features in your house: I wanted my house to have each light be separate and have it turn on and off by itself. Also I wanted it as much like a house as I could so had a main circuit on off switch.

What is your light source? The sun

Load TypeQuantity Used
LED Christmas Light2
Incandescent Christmas Light0
I uses 3 simple witches. Two I used for turning on and off the lights and one for turning of the entire house as a sort of a main house breaker.