My Humble Abode

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About Our Team

Our team is from Wyoming, Michigan, United States. We are from KCTC (Kent Career Tech Center), and are in the 9-12 age category.

I am a 10th grade student who is in love with technology. I believe solar technology is the key to our future and saving our planet. Because of this I thought I should take on this challenge and make my solar house as realistic as possible making it an inviting family home.

What were some of the challenges you faced, and how did you solve them? One of the most important challenges was actually getting at least one of the lights to turn on because the solar panel was not working well enough. I got one of the lights to turn on faintly after adding a capacitor.

What were your design goals? Tell us about the features in your house: The house has family pictures and a portrait of a plant inside of the house. It works with the solar panel although not very strongly. There is a table and chair as well as carpet on the floor stuck to the house. It has a roof and 2 different switches, one for the main house and one for the blue light. It also has a battery pack so when there is no sun it can run on batteries if needed.

What is your light source? I mostly use the sun as my light source.

Load TypeQuantity Used
LED Christmas Light0
Incandescent Christmas Light2
They are slide switches. One of them is connected to the main circuit to completely power the house on or off. The other is used to turn off or on the blue light just in case you want the green.