REcharge Labs welcomes opportunities to work with your group to engage more teachers and students in renewable energy education. The best way to bring REcharge Labs to your area is by hosting a REcharge Training. Trainings include an in-depth professional development workshop, materials, and ongoing support. You have the option to do a Training that we’ve already developed, or to build your own. Give us a call if you’d like a custom Training for your area. We’ll be happy to talk about content strategy and suggestions for topics or age ranges with you. We are pleased to work with leading universities, energy developers, museums, state agencies, and more!

Build your own custom Training

Below is a list of the activities we are capable of incorporating into a Training. We are happy to customize further based on your needs. Please get in touch with us directly ( to make final arrangements.

Frequently asked questions

Hosting a REcharge Training for up to 20 teachers will cost $3000. This price reflects a 40% discount over normal pricing for 20 teachers to attend a training individually. Each attendee will receive the training and materials. We need to get a 30% deposit to start the work and the remainder is due after the workshop is completed.

We design our Labs for and ideal group size of 20 teachers. We can train fewer teachers but we cannot give any discounts. We allow a maximum of up to 30 teachers in a workshop.

Our Trainings are designed to teach about wind and solar energy, as well as context like cicuitry, energy and electricity, and more. You can either choose to host a Training we have designed, or build your own based on the activities we offer. Call us for suggestions on topics or grade levels.

Yes! Take a look at all the activities we can bring to your classroom (above!). If you plan to customize a Training in any way, we will need to know that when you request a Training so that we can plan accordingly. Please get in touch to see what is feasible.

Three months ahead of time is the minimum we need to plan. This allows us to get your training on our calendar and start getting organized.

Once you're committed to hosting a Training, we'll need to get a 30% deposit to start the work and the remainder is due after the workshop is completed.

We need a large room with tables and chairs for 30 people, projection capabilities, and several power sources. Most lab classrooms or other classrooms work just fine. You will need to provide us with a classroom to use.

We can handle the registration on our website, or you can do it locally. Or we can do both!

We use the term educator very broadly at REcharge. We work with museum staff, afterschool educators, formal educators, parent coaches. If you consider yourself an educator, we will too.

Check out the REcharge Labs section of our Store. It has a range of materials we use in any given REcharge Training and this list is growing all the time.

We support all teachers all the time! But if you have attended or sponsored a REcharge Training we will most likely pop you to the top of the help list.

All sorts. Give us a call or drop us a line and we can provide ones that would be most helpful to you. We have worked all types of organizations (colleges, museums, schools) to hold trainings and these companies have supported our work!

Though building activities to fill an educational standard is not our top priority, we do make an effort to list and keep up-to-date with various educational standards. We develop and share engaging activities that we know work, allowing students to explore renewable energy and related concepts in an open-ended format. Sometimes the linkages to standards are clear, sometimes they are more complex.

If you need to cancel, we will negotiate that on a case-by-case basis. Reimbursement will depend on how much we have already done to prepare.