The Power Grid Kit is a modular platform for K-12 students to explore how the electrical grid functions. In addition to demonstrating traditional power generation resources, the Power Grid Kit also allows students to explore the impact of solar and wind power along with electric vehicle charging, smart grid technology and energy efficiency.

The Power Grid Kit's accessible wooden block design makes it easy to demonstrate how the grid and its components work together to bring electricity to our homes and businesses, while also exploring core science standards and the challenges of new technologies.

The Power Grid Kit aligns to the Energy Literacy Framework, developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, to improve the understanding of how electricity is generated, the impact of the electricity generation, and how the “system” works.

There are two ways you can get your hands on a Power Grid Kit:

City Power Grid Kit, RL-GRIDCITY

For 18-24 students. $2000, cost includes shipping. The City Power Grid Kit has components for three separate Town Power Grids, which can be combined to create one City Power Grid. The City Power Grid Kit can also be used as an exhibit or for demonstrations. Includes the following components:

  • Coal Power Plant
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Natural Gas Plant
  • Wind Farm
  • Solar Garden
  • Industrial Load
  • Residential Load
  • Commercial Load
  • Power Hub
  • 3 Hand Crank Generators
  • LEDs, Incandescents, Motors
  • 6 Solar Panels
  • Alligator Cords
  • AA Batteries & 9V batteries
  • 3 Power Lines
  • Storage Box
  • Wire Stripper
  • Multimeter

Loaner Power Grid Kit, RL-GRIDLOAN

For 18-24 students. The Loaner Power Grid Kit program allows educators to borrow a City Power Grid Kit for $175 for two weeks, cost includes shipping. During the loan period, educators can implement the lessons and activities included in the kit and are encouraged to experiment and develop innovative uses and adaptations, which they can submit to REcharge Labs. If you like the Loaner Kit so much that you want to purchase it for the full price, we will credit you the $175 you paid to borrow it! 

Check out a Loaner Power Grid Kit