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The REcharge Academy is a week-long educator training workshop about renewable energy. The intensive training blends lectures from experts and tours of energy facilities with replicable hands-on K-12 lessons to give educators content as well as context. A REcharge Academy combines materials from REcharge Labs, WindWise Curricula, KidWind, and Vernier, as well as other materials we find applicable and useful in the classroom. After successfully completing an Academy, all attendees become REcharge Instructors, and are certified to teach REcharge programming in their own areas! To get an idea of the week's programming, take a look at the REcharge Academy Program 2016 or the REcharge Academy Report 2016.

2017 REcharge Academy program

About this year's Academy

This Academy will cover both wind and solar concepts. We will focus a little more heavily on wind energy, as a great deal of our sponsors, and Colorado energy producers, are in the wind energy indsutry. We will be partnering with the Colorado Wind for Schools program and the Powerhouse Energy Institute at CS. The institute is a nucleus of research, education, and outreach about energy for the faculty, staff, and students of Colorado State University. The Powerhouse is an incredible resource for research and knowledge exchange, and we are excited to share this unique environment by hosting guest lectures from local experts, going on a tours, and more!

This program will appeal to elementary, middle, and high school teachers, as well as Maker/Tinkerer/Fablab educators interested in exploring and learning more about renewable energy (wind and solar power), basic circuits (Circuit Blocks), and modelling (stop motion animation).



Here's what past Instructors have to say

"I loved the way the workshop was organized. We learned through the participation in the activities. Way too often workshops are all lecture and no play!(2016 REcharge Instructor)

"Great model that I am working to get more comfortable with - less instruction and more rolling up the sleeves and getting to work. I am now more comfortable with adding maker activities to my courses.(2016 REcharge Instructor)

"There was so much great information and opportunities to learn and experience. This training will prepare you to integrate renewable energy into your program and you will have a great time doing it!" (2015 REcharge Instructor)

"I really loved the active mix. The staff was terrific as were the other attendees. The mix of people and backgrounds really added some depth to the learning which was a happy surprise. I was thrilled to get some real content and concrete hands on materials." (2015 REcharge Instructor)



A brief history of the REcharge Academy

Our team has been holding REcharge Academies for 9 years (they used to be called WindSentors) and have trained over 200 REcharge Instructors through this intensive program. Each Academy has a slightly different focus, but the overarching theme is to help educators understand renewable energy science, how renewable energy can impact the world, and how educators can creatively share these concepts in the classroom.