For basic information, take a look at the latest Academy Program on the About the REcharge Academy page. Details vary for each year, but this program will help give you a sense of what you can expect for this year.

Costs vary depending on location, partners, duration of training, etc. Costs are outlined on the Register page. 


Five intensive days of training costs around $1000 - $1750 depending on location, partners, and support that we have for the event. This covers materials and training, and in some cases daily lunch.


Each Academy has different housing situations depending on where they are located. Generally you can participate as a commuter (space permitting), have REcharge Labs provide housing and food, or find your own lodging.

To hold your space at the event, you must either pay for the ticket price in full or apply for a scholarship. We accept Purchase Orders for all REcharge Academies.

Scholarships are linked to each year's Academy. We have scholarships that cover all costs, just tuition, and partial tuition only. Scholarship decisions are made on a rolling basis and we get new scholarships all the time.

You can learn more and apply to receive a scholarship for the upcoming Academy on the Scholarships page. If you are applying for a scholarship when we do not yet have funding, we cannot promise that we will be able to fund you, but we will try our best! As we are able to raise funds we will offer scholarships to the teachers who have already registered. Remember, the earlier you send in an application, the greater your chances of receiving funds, as we accept applications on a rolling basis. 

Yes! We’d love if you found extra funding to help cover your costs. If you want help getting started, download our boilerplate fundraising letter to make an ask.

A REcharge Training is a 6 hour one-day training. At a REcharge Academy, we go into much more depth with our materials, and incorporate guest lectures and tours. At the end of a REcharge Academy educators are authorized to hold REcharge Trainings and purchase materials at a reduced cost.

If you’re looking for something shorter, check out our REcharge Trainings and learn about hosting one in your area.

The short answer is yes, in that both are extensive trainings which offer educators a great deal of content, tours, and guest lectures. Yet while WindSenators focused exclusively on wind energy, the REcharge Academy digs deeper into solar as well, and give trainees the resources and knowledge they need to teach more of our materials.

Once you've attended a REcharge Academy, you are considered one of our REcharge Instructors. We have been doing this programming, formerly called WindSenators, since 2008. To date, we have trained  234 teachers from around the world. These Instructors incorporate our lessons and curriculum into their classrooms, and a majority of them reach out to their school and greater community to share the resources they’ve gained. We view our REcharge Instructors as local hubs for information about renewable energy, who contribute useful knowledge and educational resources to their area. This allows us to greatly expand our impact.

We expect participants to be educators in the broadest sense of the word. We have had museum staff, after school programmers, teachers, professors, and so on. Other than that, all you need is a passion to learn and help others learn. 

We will get you up to speed on renewable energy concepts and offer support for educators who may need more help with more complicated subjects. We will also spend time at the workshops differentiating ability levels and working in groups.

The main topics covered include climate change and energy, with a focus on electricity, and how solar and wind power provide a sustainable pathway forward. More specific agendas for each program will be more broken down on the About the Academy page.

REcharge Academies use materials from REcharge Labs, WindWise Curricula and Vernier. We also share other materials we find useful in the classroom. All teachers will leave a REcharge Academy with a minimum of $200 worth of kits and curricula. 

We are working to be able to offer college credit and CEUs for all courses. Currently, we can offer a certificate of Continuing Education Units for each hour of training.

In previous programs we have worked with several important companies and organizations to help make our programming possible.

Pattern Energy     NREL     ENEL               

Companies and organizations can sponsor teachers to attend any REcharge Academies. Having a REcharge expert in your area provides you and your surrounding community with a knowledgeable resource for renewable energy education. You may also provide funding for multiple scholarships for teachers to attend at a free or reduced cost. To learn more about sponsoring, visit the Sponsors & Partners page.  


If your company is interested or has any questions please contact Michael Arquin at or (877) 917-0079. 

If you need to cancel a registration to a REcharge Academy, you must do so 45 days prior to the event for a full refund. If you must cancel after that time period, we cannot refund you but we will be happy to give you REcharge Labs store credit for that amount.

If we do not get more than 12 attendees signed up for a REcharge Academy, the academy will be cancelled and your deposits will be refunded. We will make this decision 45 days before the academy starts.

Yes, but covering their costs (housing, food, etc.) is up to you!