Thanks to our 2019 Sponsors!

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for helping to support educators participation in the 2019 REcharge Academy.
Pattern Energy         NREL          EDP
We would also like to thank our regional and national partners for helping our team execute the 2019 REcharge Academy.   



Sponsor an educator!

Support renewable energy education in areas important to your company by sponsoring local educators to attend. By sponsoring a REcharge Academy Instructor, you are helping to increase local understanding of renewable energy on an individual and community-wide scale. These trained experts can be one of your biggest assets in challenging development environments.

What does it cost? 

At a minimum companies must cover the cost of tuition. In 2019, the cost to attend the academy is $1000, it includes all food, lodging and $200 in materials. We recommend that companies set aside $2,000 per educator that they wish to scholarship. These funds will cover tuition, a small travel ($500) and attendance stipend ($500). REcharge Labs manages all payments to teachers once the funds are paid. 

How do you find motivated educators?

Companies can work with local districts to select teachers to attend.  REcharge Labs can be part of this process and offer advice if needed. If sponsors do not have the time or knowledge to find educators to sponsor, REcharge Labs can manage the entire process as long as we know the areas you want us to target.  We can even set up a competitive process in regions through an application process.

What kind of educators should attend an REcharge Academy?

We seek all kinds of educators to attend our program. They can be classroom teachers, after school educators, educators who work in informal environments like museums and makerspaces. We seek teachers with the following characteristics, although none are requirements:

  • Grade level and innovative teaching experience
  • Been teaching for at least 5 years.
  • Some basic knowledge of renewable energy
  • Network of local partners interested in similar projects in your area
  • Previous experience with teacher training outreach
  • Attendance and participation at previous KidWind/REcharge events

When should we get started?

Early is better than later. It can take some time to find the high quality, motivated teachers that really have impact. These teachers usually spend their summers improving their skills and plan their summers early. We recommend having scholarship programs in place by January so that we have enough time to find teachers and their schedules are still open.

What happens after an educator is trained?

These newly trained REcharge Instructors are tremendous assets in communities. They can hold wind energy trainings, help with local outreach events, or  they can even help to organize KidWind Challenges. They are basically your local ‘boots on the ground’ when it comes to K-12 outreach..


Contact us today to set up program all it takes is a few minutes. Things we need to know include: What area(s) do you want to target? How many scholarships do you want to offer? Are you ok with REcharge Labs managing the travel and participation stipends.