If you’re an educator and the registration fee is an obstacle to attending a REcharge Training, we don’t want you to turn away. Many people are excited to fund renewable energy education for educators in their area. We’ve pulled together a few resources to help you reach out to funders to ask for assistance.

First, who will you ask?

Start with your school or your school’s Parent Teacher Association. If they cannot contribute, you can always reach out to a wider community. Work with any connections you have in your area. Sometimes, it helps to think big: local branches of large corporations, government organizations, and the energy industry often have funding set aside for education and the environment. For instance, your local electricity provider is a great place to start!

Second, how should you ask?

If you want help getting started, download our boilerplate fundraising letter to make an ask. Also try out crowdsource funding websites like GoFundMe.com, Indiegogo.com, or DonorsChoose.org. In the scheme of things, this fee really isn’t all that much money to pull together from various sources!

Third, make the ask.

The key is not to be a stranger to your sponsors. Take the time to explain your situation and appeal to their mission, and let them know what’s in it for them and their community. Keep in contact. Don’t get frustrated; sometimes no matter how good the request is, sponsors don’t have the time or flexibility to spare extra funds.