Solar Barn

Your circuit schematic

About Our Team

Our team is from Norwood Young America, Minnesota, United States. We are from Central High School, and are in the 9-12 age category.

We three women from Central high school. We had a week to build our solar structure and we chose a barn. After careful testing and wiring, this is our solar barn.

What were some of the challenges you faced, and how did you solve them? We initially were a bit ambitious and had too much resistance on our circuits and were unable to power our barn with an appropriate amount of solar panels. After some re-configuring we settled on the simpler, more effective design you can see on our barn.

What were your design goals? Tell us about the features in your house: We wanted to create a realistic barn so we could have a better understanding of what it took to be energy efficient. We chose a barn because as a rural community, many people have barns but few of them are solar powered. Our barn features 3 LED lights controlled by a switch on one solar panel. And a barn fan controlled by a dimmer switch hooked to the other solar panel.

What is your light source? The sun

Load TypeQuantity Used
LED Christmas Light3
Incandescent Christmas Light0
Our lights ran on and on/off switch and our fan was controlled by a dimmer switch that featured an off option as well as various speeds.