Team Green

About Our Team

Our team is from Goodyear, Arizona, United States Minor Islands. We are from Desert Edge High School, and are in the 9-12 age category.

We are two people who were very excited about this project. From the very beginning I know I was so excited to get started and already had a worl of ideas. With our of our combined ideas and creativity, I feel like we can handle anything that is thrown at us

Was a REcharge Labs MacGyver Windmills kit used for this project? No

What was the biggest challenge in trying to get your windmill to work properly? The biggest challenge with this windmill was getting the axle to work just right. First it had many problems staying together and would slip out, secondly, when put together the windmill would try to move but the axel woukld restrict the blades from turning.

Wind speed - m/s (meters per second)Number of washers liftedMass lifted (g)Vertical distance moved (cm)
5.201245.55 100.00
Time to move that distance (s)Economic Efficiency (%)
Materials used:
MaterialQuantityCost per ($)Total cost
Skewers/coffee stirrers/popsicle sticks10.250.25
String (per 30 cm)3.60.501.8
Plastic cups02.000
Foam cylinders01.000
PVC pipes (set)03.000
Duct tape (per cm)300.5015
Clear tape (per cm)50.100.5
Chipboard (per sheet)0.300
Index cards00.050
Construction paper/cardstock (per sheet)0.100
Balsa wood (per sheet)03.000
Coroplast (per sheet)03.500
Paper cup11.001
Paper clip10.500.5
Thick Cardboard22.004
Hot Glue Sticks20.501